Friday, 30 May 2008

Judd's Mission Call

This morning we were thrilled to get a call from Judd, our oldest grandson, who shared with us the exciting news that he has received his call to serve in the Guatemala North Mission. He enters the MTC September 24. We knew he had submitted his papers for this volunteer service, and we are so pleased he has made this important decision. He is setting a good example for the other grandsons who will have this opportunity to look forward to when they turn 19. Kyle and Trevor are already talking about the time when they will serve following their first year at BYU this coming school year.

Sam & Narene with their 28 grandchildren.
Judd is left of Narene, Kyle is next to Judd,
and Trevor is on the end at the right.

We congratulate Judd, Kyle, and Trevor on their graduation from high school this spring. Although we could not attend their graduations, our thoughts were with each one. They are young men who make their parents and grandparents proud!

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