Sunday, 8 June 2008

A Return Visit to Kolomenskoe Park

The government proclaimed Saturday, June 7, to be a working day in Moscow to give employees a four-day weekend next week. June 12, next Thursday, is Russia Day, a day of national unity. On this day in 1990 the Russian parliament formally declared its sovereignty.

Sam and I worked in the office Saturday morning and then enjoyed a return visit to Kolomonskoe Park with Clark and Renee Mason. Neither couple realized until we entered the park that we had been there before. The Masons were there the day before Easter, and we had gone with the Browns last winter.

Colorful flowers greeted us as we entered the park.

We got a view of the sand sculptures
from the nearby hill
but didn’t pay to go in for a closer look.
Sam zoomed in and got this picture
of one of the sand sculptures.

Church of the Ascension in the background.

Church of the Ascension,
a restored 16th century church.
It was constructed in 1529-1532
by order of Tsar Vasily III
to commemorate the birth
of his son and heir, Ivan the Terrible.

Saint George Bell Tower

We enjoyed hearing the music from the bells.
Prior to this lady playing the smaller bells,
a clergy man wearing a black robe
played the larger bells
shown in the foreground.
The Water Tower is in the background.

The pharmaceutical garden.

Kaxzan Cathedral
We went inside to see the religious icons.
The worshippers were older women
similar to the ladies sitting on the bench
in front of the church.
(see the next photo)

Typical of the women we saw inside the cathedral.

Feeding the many pigeons
is a favorite thing for children to do.

We saw several brides and grooms in the park
getting their pictures taken.

It’s been a few years since
Sam and I were a bride and groom.
(Actually, our 49th anniversary was June 5.)

Bee Master’s Farmstead

We were trying to find Peter the Great’s wooden cabin when we saw this cottage, but this turned out to be where you could buy honey. To reach Peter’s cabin, we should have turned left after going through the red and white gate. We’ll look for it on our next visit.

We will come back again to
Park and
maybe have a picnic near the Moscow River.

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