Thursday, 4 September 2008

Training Meetings in the Baltics - Part 3

We were in Liepaja, Latvia on Thursday, July 3. Our scheduled meeting with the hospital director was at 3:00 p.m. to discuss the possibility of doing a humanitarian project there. Although the Boehms' assignment is leadership rather than as humanitarian missionaries, they are anxious to be involved with doing humanitarian work. They also had arranged for us to meet with the director of the Red Cross the next morning.

Following our meeting at the hospital on Thursday, we checked into our hotel and then went to eat. After that, we went to the Boehms' apartment where the men had a conference call via the computer
for welfare training with the district presidency in Estonia. In each of these training sessions, first in Riga, then in Kuanas, and lastly the conference call with Estonia, all but one member of the district presidencies understood English, which made the training easier. The one man in Estonia had the district president translate for him.

The Boehms' apartment is a short walking distance from the Baltic Sea. After the men finished with their conference call, we went for a walk to see some of the city and ended up on the shore of the Baltic Sea where we stayed to watch the sunset.

Elder Boehm pointing to a building needing renovation.

City tours always include some churches.

Another church.

We walked through the park.

Carved wooden alligators.

A pirate ship playground.

Enjoying our walk on the beach of the Baltic Sea.

Watching the sunset.

The sun has gone below the horizon.

The next day we walked around the open air market and then went to a grocery store and bought things for a picnic lunch.

A big open air market with a large assortment
of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Many beautiful flowers for sale at the
open air market.

Roses in a variety of colors.

These tiger lilies were gorgeous.

We then drove north to see the ruins on the shore of the Baltic Sea of bunkers the Russians had built to protect the Leipaja port from invasion.

War and nature have taken a toll on these
heavy concrete bunkers.

This bunker has split in half.

A view through the line of doorways in these bunkers.

Some of the bunkers were built into the hillside.

We ate our lunch and visited
as we enjoyed watching the sea.

It was windy, but a pleasant day.
(Sam & Narene at the Baltic Sea.)

We arrived back in Moscow on the evening of the 4th of July.

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