Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Family Home Evening at Yugo Zapadnaya

Our Yugo Zapadnaya branch had a Family Home Evening at the Mission Office on Monday, September 22.

Elder Terrell accompanying at the piano.
Singing: Elders Salinas, Aiken, Harker, Mills, Armstrong

A video was shown and then we played the "Name Game," where Lena began by saying her first name and sharing something that she likes. Each person in the circle added their own name and something they like, but they also had to give this information for each person who had done this before them in the circle. By the time we got to the last person, we had the names learned and knew something about each person.

The youngest member was the main attraction.

I sat next to Elder Mills, and his repetition of the
names was helpful. There were a few new
people we hadn't met before.

Elder Ireland is sitting between
Elder Armstrong and Elder Salinas.

To get to this Family Home Evening, we got on the metro at the Sokol Station. We had never before seen it so crowded. It was a mass of people crowded together from one side of the platform to the other as well as on the stairs and on the bridge.

No extra space on the stairs or bridge.

The crowd waiting for the train.

There is no room for everyone on the train.

We worked our way to the front and were able to get on the metro (subway), but then the loud speaker announced that everyone had to get off. We were in good position, though, to get on the next train and were successful in boarding. Of course, we were among those who had to stand shoulder to shoulder. One poor lady was trying to get off the train; but every time she got close to the door, the crowd pressing forward kept pushing her backward. I don't think she made it off until the next stop.

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