Saturday, 15 November 2008

Talent Show

We received invitations to attend a concert November 15 where the young performers were the final winners of five stages of competition from 40 cities in Russia. It was held in the same theater where we had seen the Chinese circus. The talent was amazing.

Those attending the concert with us were the Jorgensens, the Shepards, and our interpreter, Anna. A lady we had met at an organization that works with troubled families gave us the letters of invitation and insisted it was free when we tried to pay her.

Sharon Jorgensen, Chris Shepard, Anna Smirnova,
and Narene by the Moscow River with
the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer
in the background. We took this photo on
our walk to the metro after the concert.

The lady giving the young man a special award
is a professional singer, and she also performed.

This competition was began by a professional actor whose poster cut-out can be seen at the left of the picture above. Other professionals continue as sponsors. The lady who gave us our invitations is the mother of a famous actress who got her start as a child playing the part of Little Red Riding Hood.

These dancers were identical twins.

One twin appeared first on stage. After his energetic dancing, he acted tired and left the stage, but then quickly appeared all rejuvenated. It came as a fun surprise then when both appeared at the same time, and the audience realized they were twins.

This was the winner of the ballet category.
It was the story of
two young lovers in
a circus group, but the young girl falls and dies.

With music as an accompaniment, she kept
adding hula hoops until these were all swirling.

This juggling act was fun to watch.
While on this stack of rocking blocks
and cylinders, he never missed a ball.

This was an interesting performance. The photo is
blurred because they were always moving
to the music. The dancers were completely
encased in stretchy material.

This group inpersonated famous people.

All performers appeared on stage for the finale.
The young man supporting himself on one hand
moved with the music.

Before the concert, we went to Ismaly Park
to do some shopping.
Pictured here: Narene, Linda, Sharon, and Chris.

On the way to the concert, we followed the
Russian tradition for good luck and touched the
nose of the dog in the
Ploshad Revolutsy metro station.

We ended the day by going to Red Square.
How many times have we taken our picture
in front of St. Basil's!

It was an enjoyable day.

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