Saturday, 17 January 2009

Moscow Tour after Dark

One of the former employees at the Service Center, Kosta, offered to take the Masons and us on a tour at night to see the city lights of Moscow. On January 14, he picked us up at 8:00 p.m. at the Mason's apartment, where we had been invited by Renee for supper before our tour began.

Costa, Renee, Narene, Clark (Sam took the picture).

The "White House" of Russia that housed the
Russian Parliament until 1993 and now
houses the Russian cabinet.

In 1991, Gorbachev was President of the Soviet Union and also General Secretary of the Communist Party. Yeltsin was president of Russia at the time and was in the Russian White House during the coup in August 1991 when the hard-line Communists tried to overthrow Gorbachev. To protect their Parliament and Yeltsin, 50,000 people surrounded the White House.

Lighted bridge over the Moscow River.

The White House seen beyond the bridge.

The illuminated tower of the Kievsky Railway Station
with the Moscow River in the foreground.

Novodevichy Convent

Soccer stadium across the
Moscow River from Sparrow Hill.

Ski jump at Sparrow Hill

Moscow University seen from Sparrow Hill
(one of the Seven Sisters buildings)

Gagarin Monument

Yuri Gagarin, Russian Cosmonaut,
the first human to orbit the earth (1961).

One of several casinos along this street.

Triumphal Arch on Poklonnaya Gora

Close-up of the Triumphal Arch near Victory Park

New Business District

New Business District
still under construction

Statue of the "Founding Father of Moscow"

Moscow Lubyanka or KGB

Not lighted, but interesting architecture
in the old part of Moscow.

A church in "Old Moscow"

A Provoslavian Church in "Old Moscow"
(Russian Orthodox)

Our favorite view at night is the
Triumph Palace
seen from our 16th floor apartment window.

The Triumph Palace is a 57-story apartment building, which is sometimes referred to as the 8th Tower because of its similar appearance to the Seven Sisters skyscrapers built by Stalin in the 1950's. This building has 1,000 luxury apartments. When it was finished in 2003, it was the tallest building in Europe (866 ft.).

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Great photo essay. I wish my camera took as good as pictures. Of course, the person behind the camera does have something to do with it. I just can't believe it's Sam. I have seen the way he takes pictures!!!