Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Training in Voronezh

We flew to Voronezh in southwestern Russia on March 4 to provide training for a recently arrived humanitarian couple, Dan & Dellene Lowry. They had invited us to stay with them in their two-bedroom apartment, and we had a pleasant visit with them.

Meeting in the Lowry's apartment
with the young missionaries and the lady and
daughter they were teaching.

The Elders have an apartment above the Lowry's.
Sister Lowry plays the flute well, and we sang
a couple of hymns while she played.

Dellene & Dan Lowry
Humanitarian Missionaries in Voronezh

The next morning, we took the bus to meet the Public Affairs lady who had arranged a meeting with one of the local officials at the city office building. We met her in front of the library located in the city square.

Lenin monument in the city square
with the library in the background.

Concert Hall across the square from the library.

Another view from the city square.

The young Elders were the interpreters at the meeting where the government official was introduced to the Lowrys and us, and information was shared about our Church and the humanitarian service provided.

It was a very cold day, but after the meeting we went for a walk to see more of the city. We stopped to take photos at a war memorial area. During World War II, fierce fighting took place in Voronezh between Russian and combined Axis troops. Here the Germans launched their attack on Stalingrad (St. Petersburg).

Wreaths had been placed on the memorial
on the Defenders of the Motherland Day,
which was February 23.

The eternal flame in front of the war memorial.

The war memorial tower

Sam & Narene in front of the puppet theater.

Narene and Elder Wheeler acting like puppets
in front of the puppet clock.

Narene and Dellene touching the dog that is
supposed to bring good luck.
The dog's right ear has been welded on after
it had been broken off and stolen.

Peter the Great monument

The Cyrillic letters say
Emperor Peter Great

The city was founded in 1585-1586 as a fort on the Voronezh River. Peter the Great built Russia's first fleet of ships here.

The park where Peter the Great statue is located.

There was a lot of snow on the ground, and the build up of ice and ruts made for careful walking. We could be walking side by side, and one of us might be on packed ice six inches above the other due to the bumpy ruts. Although we have been walking on a lot of ice this winter, it made us appreciate walking in Moscow where they do try to keep the snow and ice from building up on the roads and walks even though it still can be very slick.

We walked to the end of the street passed
this large building on our way to a cathedral.
(I am in the foreground holding a tulip
that was given to me by a girl on the street.)

The largest cathedral in Voronezh.

We walked past this unusual monument
as we looked for a place to eat.

We found the Italian restaurant the Elders had
mentioned. The food was very good.
Even though we ordered the businessman's lunch,
the Lowrys were served different food
than we were; but Sam and Dan traded plates.

On our walk, I stopped to admire this lady's
hand painted things and bought a small covered dish.

On our way back to the Lowry's apartment, we
got off the bus so we could get a picture of
this interesting church. We stopped at a grocery
store and then walked the rest of the way.

Elder Ficklin (right) forgot his
backpack, and he and Elder Wheeler
came down to get it that evening
wearing crazy hats.

This is the LDS chapel in Voronezh. It used
to be a theater, and the Church has remodeled it.

After spending two days in Voronezh training
the Lowrys and seeing a little bit of the city,
we went to the airport in a taxi. There are
many trees in Voronezh, and that is why
Peter the Great had his shipbuilding here.


Ayşe Gençer Memiş/ Ayşe'nin Gazetesi said...

Dear Grandma&Grandpa,
I saw your blog when I search something about Moskow. I have been living for five months so your blog can be a nice guide for me. Thanks for your informative blog.

Ayşe Gençer Memiş/ Ayşe'nin Gazetesi said...

Dear Grandma&Grandpa,

I have been living for five months in Moscow. Your blog can be very good guide for me. Thanks for your informative blog.


Ayşe Gençer Memiş/ Ayşe'nin Gazetesi said...

Dear Grandma&Grandpa,

I have been living for five months in Moscow. Your blog can be very good guide for me. Thanks for your informative blog.


samnarene said...

I hope you will enjoy Moscow. We certainly did. There is much to experience there, and I hope my blog will be helpful in finding interesting things to do and see. We especially have fond memories of the people. Best wishes!