Monday, 15 December 2008

Beauty and the Beast Musical

Saturday afternoon, December 13, we enjoyed the musical "Beauty and the Beast" with other senior missionary couples. Of course, it was in Russian; but we knew the story and music from Disney. It was very well done, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sharon & David Yorgesen, Linda & David Nearon,
Renee Mason (Clark didn't come),
George Curbishley (Beryl was already seated),
LaDawn & President Larry Gibbons (at right, back row),
Narene, Greg & Chris Shepard

One of the scenes from "Beauty and the Beast"
featuring Belle and her father.

The principal characters receiving applause
at the conclusion of "Beauty and the Beast."

The cast of "Beauty and the Beast."

Waiting to get our coats after the musical.

In Moscow, it is expected that you will check your coat before attending a performance or visiting a museum. The service is free. The first time we went to a ballet ("Don Quixote"), Sam didn't get the numbered tag to show when picking up his things at the end of the performance. Since he had not expected to be checking them, he had not removed his passport and camera before checking his coat and briefcase. When he went to get his things, the lady wanted to see his numbered tag which let her know which coat and that he was the owner. Fortunately, she remembered that he had walked away without picking up the tag, and she gave him his things after a short delay.

On another occasion, we were having some difficulty getting the ladies to give us our coats. We had been to the ballet, "Swan Lake." The curtains had opened and the dancers took their bows and received flowers presented to them; thinking the ballet had ended, we went to get our coats. The ladies where we had our coats didn't want to give them to us, because they knew there was another act. We couldn't understand their Russian and were puzzled why they wouldn't give us our coats. We had the numbered tags, and we pointed to our coats. Finally, we got them and left. We had just gotten outside, when Greg Shepard called Sam on the cell phone to tell us to come back in to see the end of the ballet. Fortunately, the Shepards were with friends who had a program and discovered that the flowers we had seen presented were for dancers who would not be returning for the final act. We hurried back in. They didn't even require us to go through the metal detector security check again and were probably getting a good chuckle out of these stupid Americans. With a smile on our faces, we checked our coats once more. We weren't able to return to our front and center seats because the act had already begun, but they let us into a box on the balcony. This event is now referred to as one of our several "senior moments" we laugh about that has taken place by senior missionary couples serving in Moscow.

After the musical, we ate at TGI Friday's.
(starting at the left, going clockwise:
Renee Mason, David Yorgesen, George Curbishley,
Linda & David Nearon, Beryl Curbishley,
Sharon Yorgesen, Sam)

This happened to be the Shepard's anniversary.
(Greg & Chris Shepard,
LaDawn & President Larry Gibbons)

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to share these nice experiences with such great company.

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