Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Reason for the Season

His Name Shall be Called Wonderful

The reason for the season

As senior missionary couples, we take turns hosting Family Home Evening on Tuesday evenings. It was our turn this week to have it in our apartment. The Masons were the only other couple without other commitments, so they accepted the idea of going together to eat out for our activity. They recommended a small cafe they had recently found that serves good food for a reasonable price, and we ordered pizzas. After eating, Clark and Sam did their own exploring while Renee and I walked through a huge cosmetic store that has more brands under one roof than I have ever seen. The store also has large paintings lining the walls that are the size you might expect to find in an art museum, so we looked at the paintings as well as checked out the cosmetics. The Shepards, Jorgensens, Gregorys, Curbishleys and Monsons are in Madrid renewing their visas; and the Nearons and Reeses had other commitments. We enjoyed our evening with the Masons and will have FHE with the group next week.

Last evening, Sam and I substituted for the Gregorys at the FHE with the young single adults at the Central building. The young people had everything organized, so all we did was show up and enjoy the evening. After the short lesson on setting goals, refreshments were served and the remainder of the evening was spent playing games and visiting. Sam enjoyed playing ping pong and was the winner in two of their games. Each game began with several participants rotating around the ping pong table taking a turn hitting the ball and then moving to the other side. After three misses, you were out for that game. When there were only two players left, the score started at zero again. At this last stage, they had to hit the ball and then spin around and be ready to return the ball again. The game was over when one of them missed the return.

Tomorrow evening, Renee, Linda Nearon, and Linda Rees and I are going to the Enrichment Night at the home of Janet Rust who lives in a suburb of Moscow that resembles a nice suburb in the U.S. I went last year, too, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her house completely decorated for Christmas with a huge tree in the front room. Of course, the program, food, and company were enjoyable as well; and I'm looking forward to another nice event this year.

We don't have any snow left on the ground, which is nice for walking. Saturday we decorated our apartment with the few Christmas decorations we have inherited from the couples living in this apartment before us. To the tree, I added an angel I was given last Christmas at a Primary program and eight hand-painted decorations of Russian girls dressed in traditional costumes from different parts of Russia.

Our Christmas Tree

I sent my Grandfather Frost home with Todd & Beth when they were here and the few other Russian decorations I had, which decorated our apartment last December.

Grandfather Frost

Tomorrow evening, I will be getting the nativity I ordered last year after seeing one the Rusts had. They know the man who makes the nativities and gives them a discount.

I love the Christmas season - the music, the decorations, the food, receiving cards and letters from friends and loved ones, and especially the reason for the season - celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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